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Aomega Alpha Tetda

Aomega Alpha


-Soothes tired muscles, increases blood flow through the muscles to aid in muscle recovery. Helps recovery from sprains and strains.



-Angelica pubescens

-Boswellia carterii

-Prunus persica

-Aquilaria agallocha

-Eucommia elmoides

-Carthamus tinctorius

-Curcuma zedoaria

-Cyperus rotundus

-Daemonorops draco

-Sparganium simplex

-Panax surani

-Acanthopanax gracilistylus

-Atractylodes macrophala



Apply liberally to affected area and massage. Use with or without wraps. If wrapping, allow to dry before wrapping. Use as needed. For sore feet, pack the hoof with sheet cotton soaked with Tetda and secure with a stretch wrap and tape.   



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